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Leading The Way

Standard Chartered Bank



From the author's notes:

I spent 18 months travelling the globe in search of these stories. I visited over 15 countries where Standard Chartered Bank operates including Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, India, the United Arab Emirates and six countries in Africa. I've interviewed hundreds of people and recorded hundreds of hours of insights and memories on tape. I am extremely grateful to the people in Corporate Affairs in each of the countries I visited who arranged interviews for me. I am even more grateful to those of you who agreed to talk to me. Many were telling me stories they had never told before.

What is a story? It has a beginning, a middle and an end. It has shape. My job is to do more than just transcribe the stories I hear. I must make the experience transferable. The reader should feel the action of the story as if it is happening to him or to her. That is the effect a good story has on the reader. The reader is transported to another place and time.

The oldest former employee whose story is included in this collection is 88 year old Joe Rellosa; the youngest is 'the singing teller,' 27 year old MJ Calahi. All the stories--no matter the age of the participant or the country of origin--exemplify Standard Chartered Bank's five core values: Responsive, Trustworthy, Creative, International and Courageous. They also illustrate how the Bank's staff from all over the world truly 'lead the way.'

This collection serves three fundamental purposes. First, it confirms the importance of the Bank's core values to its identity. I don't think it's an exaggeration to claim that the Bank owes its survival and current success to those core values. Second, this collection celebrates those individuals whose conduct exemplifies values in action. It puts a name and a face to each core value. Third, it demonstrates true leadership across the Bank. It is a collection that inspires. It lights the path to ever-greater success in the future.

Clearly, this has always been an institution destined for greatness. It's DNA seems programmed for remarkable achievement. The synergies of its core values and current strategies define it as audacious, inventive and engaged. A leader, not a follower.

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