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The Consumer

Published by:
John Wiley & Sons



For centuries, China's doors remained firmly closed while governments schemed, plotted and fought for access to its golden market. At last, the barriers have been removed - China is open for business.

As China searches for a new identity, its people find themselves bombarded with countless consumer products and services from around the world. But what do they want to buy? What is their spending power? What are their aspirations? How do they spend? This fascinating book provides the first comprehensive analysis of China's complex consumer market. China: The Consumer Revolution discusses the cultural issues and socio-economic forces, fads and fashions, do's and taboos, all supported by a wealth of facts and figures.

The author, Conghua Li, has traveled extensively through his homeland researching this book. Drawing on his personal experiences and with the support of Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group, he has produced a rich and insightful account of this phenomenal consumer market with vivid descriptions of the changing needs and tastes of the new generation of China.

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