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Chinese Canadians, Voices from the Community

Douglas & McIntyre


This book brings together in-depth interviews with twenty-three Chinese Canadians--some famous, some distinguished, some simply good citizens--talking about their lives, their experiences in Canada, their hopes and their dreams. Be they recent immigrants or native born, elders, internationally accomplished musicians and scientists, successful businessmen and women, politicians or shopkeepers, they share a record of determination, quiet courage and achievement. The rocky road travelled by many Chinese in Canada is not ignored--here are old bitternesses, among them the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1923 and the hated "head tax". They speak ,too, of newer frustrations in gaining full acceptance in their nation of birth or of choice, in the face of lingering racism. Here also are the aspirations and attainments of an immigrant community, dedicated to making a better life for their family and their nation. Above all, these voices speak of a warmth and genuine affection for Canada.

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